Saturday, 1 August 2009

Quick Commands to copy DATAFILE or ARCHIVELOG file from ASM to unix filesystem

In Oracle 10g,

RMAN Solution

I. To Copy Datafile from ASM to filesystem

allocate channel c1 type disk;
copy datafile '+DATA01/datafile/dat01.577.687959027' to /tmp/dat01.577.687959027';

II. To Copy archive log file from ASM to filesystem

backup as copy archivelog from sequence 23676 until sequence 23680 format '/tmp/archivelog/informatica%h_%e_resetlogs.arc';


Create a directory object to point the source

create or replace directory SDIR as '+DATA01/datafile/';

Note : In my example, the database datafile which i wanted to copy from ASM to filesystem was residing in '+DATA01/datafile/'

Create a directory object to point the destination

create or replace directory DDIR as '/tmp';

Copy the file

dbms_file_transfer.copy_file(source_directory_object =>'SDIR',
source_file_name => 'dat01.577.687959027',
destination_directory_object => 'DDIR',
destination_file_name => 'dat01.dbf');

In Oracle 11g,

Apart from the above compatible commands, ASMCMD command line utility has been enhanced with "cp" copy command.

ASMCMD[+]>cp +DATA01/datafile/dat01.577.687959027 /tmp/dat01.dbf

Keywords : copy; file; asm; filesystem; datafile; archive; archivelog
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